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Development and Training Opportunities

Training and Dev​elopment Opportunities

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) always seeks to improve and increase employee satisfaction and loyalty, by providing a stable and reliable work environment in which all employees have opportunities, development and growth, and providing exemplary services that encourage teamwork and mutual respect. Believing that empowering Qatari from their jobs improves their performance at work, increases their creativity and development capabilities, and helps them innovate.

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) sets training and development plans according to the career path to achieve the objectives within the framework of the state's general policy, and to ensure the development of employees' performance by providing them with appropriate opportunities for training, development and rehabilitation, with the aim of developing and enhancing their capabilities and providing them with new skills that improve their performance for the tasks of the jobs they occupy And qualifies them to assume higher job duties, in coordination with the local and international competent authorities.

The Employee's Career Path

First: The Orientation Period

The orientation period is the first and essential step for a new employee,

and it starts from the first day of work and aims to:

  • Familiarizing the new employee with his duties and job responsibilities in general.
  • Learn about human resource management services.
  • Integrate of the employee into the professional life.
  • Identify the departments related to his job and create a communication link with the employees who have a relationship with the nature of his work.

Second: Fresh  Graduate Training Program

The Program for Fresh Graduated Engineers and Management Training Program is a bridge between the academic education environment and the work environment at KAHRAMAA and the technical, administrative, and behavioral skills it requires.

These programs aim to enable fresh graduates to:

  • Create Obtaining a complete overview of KAHRAMAA's core business.
  • Developing proper communication skills and for dealing with the employee's professional surroundings in his department and other departments.
  • Developing the employee's technical, administrative, and behavioral skills closely related to his work.

Third: The Individual Development System

The individual development system is a matrix of competencies for each job, and the matrix consists of all the competencies that the employee needs to carry out his tasks in the best way, as the professional level of the employee is evaluated on the competencies required for the job and the refinement of competencies through training programs and according to the training needs of each employee.


Fourth: The Succession Plan

It is a plan that aims to develop and prepare qualified Qatari employees for vacancy vacancies of higher priority or leadership positions.


  • Preparing qualified employees to fill vacancies in leadership and priority positions in the organization.
  • Motivating employees to develop in the field of work.
  • Investing in human resources to maintain the best employees.
  • Sustainability and business continuity, and the creation of a second row of leaders.​


Field Training Program:

Internship opportunities for university students and high school students

Field Training Program:

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) provides field training opportunities for university students and high school students for a number of specific field training hours according to the requirements of the educational authority, in the areas of training compatible with KAHRAMAA's work specialties.




​Development Opportunities
​ Individual development plan (IDP) Program

  1. ​​It is a competency based training plan in line with international standard ISO 10015.
  2. It compares between required skills to excel working in a position and the employee’s ability.
  3. It shows simply the training requirements for each employee.
  4. Each Qatari Employee has his own IDP and progresses follow up to improve Kahramaa capacity building.

English Language Program

  1. KAHRAMAA provides English Language training courses for its staff based on the international standard of the Common European Frame of Reference.
  2. KAHRAMAA utilizes the best English language training providers in Qatar.

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