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Message from the President

Under the wise and praiseworthy leadership of HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Amir of the State of Qatar, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation 'Kahramaa' continues its progress in consistently accomplishing its achievements and major projects to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.

In line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the Third National Development Strategy (2024-2030), among other directives and guidelines issued by the State of Qatar, Kahramaa continues its transformative journey over the years. The comprehensive performance demonstrates Kahramaa's commitment to achieving its long-term strategy and contributing to the national development of the State of Qatar.

KAHRAMAA has been meticulously planning to come up to the expectations of the decision- makers, stakeholders, and its valued customers by investing in world- class projects that enhance its capacities and resources. We are moving forward with remarkable progress reflected in several projects that has been initiated to raise the existing capacities and planned infrastructural developments and meet Qatar's future utility needs. KAHRAMAA has been doing investments in the infrastructure upgrading to ensure benchmark utility services to the country's residents, aiming for an improved quality of life.

KAHRAMAA is aiming to develop strategies and policies to advance the energy sector in the country, including the launch of Qatar's National Strategy for Renewable Energy. The strategy aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix to 4 GW by 2030. Moreover, the strategy will support the implementation of distributed renewable energy generation and implement the net-billing mechanism, with the aim of reaching 200 MW by 2030. This strategy will result in many benefits to the economy, environment, and energy security in the energy sector.

Kahramaa has successfully completed all the projects related to hosting the World Cup in 2022 and the AFC Asian Cup in 2023. It has achieved a milestone by supporting sustainable transportation operations for the World Cup through the establishment of charging stations for electric vehicles and the installation of charging units for electric vehicles to power more than 320 electric cars designated for transporting official delegations and VIPs associated with FIFA and the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy. In 2023, Qatar hosted several sports events without recording any accidents or interruptions at the level of electrical stations in the sports facilities and stadiums in the country, including the Asian Cup matches where Kahramaa excelled in the tournament and completed it without any service interruptions throughout the duration of the tournament.

Our key performance indicators for electricity and water are showing positive results. The technical performance of the electrical network in 2023 registered a great improvement of unprecedented levels in the history of the transmission and distribution of the electricity grid in the State of Qatar. The performance of the water sector has also added new dimensions in KAHRAMAA's achievements in 2023.  

Key projects have started to secure future demands of electricity including solar IPP and Facility E. In case of water, strategic water mega reservoirs are being commissioned to ensure strategic water storage levels of the country. Initiatives implemented in customer services such as e-services for customers and contractors have helped us achieving a qualitative shift in the level of services provided to our different audiences in line with our efforts towards upgrading KAHRAMAA's services for its transformation into a smart institution.

Many other initiatives were started to enhance metering and billing services. The drinking water quality of KAHRAMAA has exceeded the index of International Standards for Drinking-Water of World Health Organization (WHO). National program for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) in KAHRAMAA continued to meet its target of reducing per capita consumption of electricity and water by good performance through various initiatives. Through its technical, legal and awareness initiatives to reduce waste of water and electricity, Tarsheed was able to reduce carbon emission significantly and thus resulted in financial savings as well. Conservation of water especially in district cooling with legislation on use of non-potable water for cooling purposes has made a positive impact and increased usage of Treated wastewater for cooling purposes. Reverse osmosis technology for potable water production is operational as well. KAHRAMAA has installed a network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Our facility, KAHRAMAA Awareness Park (KAP), has been playing a pivotal role in disseminating the sustainability culture amongst youths since its launching in April 2017 as being a platform for learnings and research in the fields of conservation and energy efficiency.

In line with its objectives and social responsibilities, KAHRAMAA continued to perform well in promoting Qatarization, encourage trainings and scholarship program for Qatari nationals with great emphasis on Qatarizati on. Key performance indicators on health, safety and environment reflect good performance over the years with special events conducted on health and environment awareness. Human capital is the most valuable investment for KAHRAMAA, and our success story revolves around dynamic, vibrant, professional and hardworking team. ​

HE Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al- Kuwari,

President,Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA"


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