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​ Prepaid Service​​
Customers with smart meters installed in the premise with a circuit breaker not exceeding 100 amps.
KAHRAMAA applies the same rates.
Apply via KAHRAMAA website or mobile application.
Conversion is not applicable from prepaid accounts to postpaid only for certain exceptional cases based on the eligibility along with CSD manager approval or his delegation .
Deposit is not required.
  • KAHRAMAA will send a nofication message when the balance reaches QAR30.
  • Customer can manage their nofication using the KAHRAMAA prepaid application.
  • Service will be disconnected when the balance drops to QR 0,Service disconnection hours will be from 8 am to 8 pm. If the balance drops at any other times, the consumption will be calculated in the negative and the service will be disconnected next day according to the disconnection times, and the Consumption amount will be deducted after top-up.
Amount more than QAR 30 fractionss are not allowed.
  • Use KAHRAMAA prepaid app.
  • Use KAHRAMAA website .
  • Customer will be given a final bill for postpaid on date of conversion.
  • Deposit will be adjusted against the final bill.
  • Any remaining credit balance will be transferred to the prepaid account.
Prepaid service might be a good choice if you
  • Prefer to pay as you go.
  • Prefer not to pay a deposit.
  • Reduce and monitor your consumption.
  • Consumption based on KAHRAMAA electricity tariff.
  • Monthly meter rental of QAR 5.
Amount of QAR 30 is the minimum.
  • Use KAHRAMAA prepaid mobile app.
  • Visit KAHRAMAA website.
  • Maximum is QAR 10000 per one transcation .
  • if the customer need to top up more than QAR 10000 other trnsactions to be applied
No refund for the remaining balance.
Only Qatari issued credit card can be used.


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