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​​​​ Organization Chart​​​​​

Minister of State for Energy Affairs​
KM President
District Cooling Services Department
Conservation & Efficiency Department
Customer Services Department
Customer Services Department
Customer Services Department is specialized in ensuring continual providing the national need of electricity and water. Seeking to rational use of the sources through dealing procedures with the customers and responding their complaints.
Identifying future needs of services and checking out to apply high level of quality in customer services.

Coordinating with other management units to improve services. Implementing and monitoring procedures regarding electricity and water connecting.

Qualifying extensions’ contractors and issuing licenses for them. Issuing electricity and water connecting licenses for buildings and constructions. Settling reading meters for customers and monitoring their working and maintaining them.
Health, Safety & Environment Department
Planning & Development of Production & Water Recourses Department
Planning &Development of Production & Water Recourses Department
Planning & Development of Producing and Water Resources Department is specialized in proposing implemented strategic plans needed to provide requirements, managing demands, varying in production sources, analyzing and implementing business opportunities. It also studies electricity and water market, foresees future expectations and follows up production purchasing from its different sources. It follows up purchasing and exchanging electricity and water to/with senior customers inside or outside the country which ensures balancing of supply with demand. In addition to Proposing and studying the means of development of financial resources for corporation as well as developing plans and programs related to assessment of all types of water resources in the state and managing, developing and protecting them.
International Cooperation Unit
International Cooperation Unit
International Cooperation Unit
President Office
President Office
It is responsible for coordinating the key appointments agenda of the President, including scheduling travels and attending meetings and events. Arranging interviews and overseeing the daily activities of the office.

Making sure of meeting all administrative needs of the office At the same time. also responsible for coordinating and preparing all required materials for regional and international participation of Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA” and its participation in international activities and events.
Internal Audit Department
Internal Audit Department
Internal Audit Department is specialized in developing an audit plan, monitoring implementation commitment of laws and regulations, monitor financial documents, revising financial instructions, monitoring employment’s procedures, promotions and checking out their commitment of regulations and laws, sharing in inventory of the stores’ contents.
Planning & Quality Department
Planning & Quality Department
Planning and Quality Department is specialized in setting up general strategic plan for the corporation, raising implementing plans projects for the projects, programs and follow-up their implementations, investigating agreements of systems and working methods with the terms of the corporation. Studying issues and obstacles that faced by the strategic plan and develop solution, developing programs to evaluate corporation’s performance, revising and evaluating performance of management units, checking out the accordance of the corporation’s project to the approved standards and specifications, proposing developing plans for regulations and working styles.
Legal Affairs Department
Legal Affairs Department
Legal Affairs Department is specialized in searching, studying and follow-up legal issues, preparing legal projects’ tools, giving opinions in laws and topics, preparing contracts, agreements and memorandum of projects, investigating into the facts of breaches attributed to the corporation’s stuff, follow-up disputes and issues that corporation is a part in.
Public Relations & Communication Department
Public Relations & Communication Department
Public Relations and Communication Department is specialized in issuing bulletins and media programs. Following-up what comes on newspapers and media and receiving customers’ requests and complaints and responding to enquiries.

Preparing the journeys, hosting and residence for corporation’s guests. Organizing cultural, social sport activities for employees and supervising celebrations.

Organizing conferences, seminars and exhibitions. Setting up budget and preparing work sheets relate to conferences, seminars and meetings.

Preparing reports and responds required by regional and international organizations and unions. Preparing requirement reports of effectiveness and quality international corporation regarding to the corporation’s activities.
Finance Department
Finance Department
Finance Affairs Department is specialized in all businesses of incomes, expense and accounts related to corporation. Preparing Annual Budget Project with its final accounting results in accordance with meant management units.
Electricity Network Directorate
Director's office, Electricity Network Affairs
Electricity Network Planning Department
Electricity transmission Department
Electricity distribution Department
Electricity System Control Department
Water Network Directorate
Director's office, Electricity Network Affairs
Water Networking Planning Department
Water Network Operation & Control Department
Water Maintenance & field Services
Technical Affairs Directorate
Director's office,Technical Affairs
Electricity Projects Department
Water Projects Department
Materials Department
Shared Services Directorate
Director's office,Shared Services
Human Resources Department
Information Technology Department
General Services Department


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