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KAHRAMAA Conducted COVID-19 Mock Drill


Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation, “KAHRAMAA”, successfully conducted a mock drill on 15-16 June 2020 to test the ability and readiness of its vital facilities and departments to deal with the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and to ensure safety of its staff, customers and stakeholders. 

The exercise was undertaken as part of KAHRAMAA’s objective to ensure the sustainability of its services and to provide a healthy and safe environment for its employees, customers and all those dealing with it.

The exercise was conducted at the National Control Center and the Distribution Control Center aims to test the readiness of officials of the centers and the ability and effectiveness of KAHRAMAA’s plans and risk mitigation measures that have been adopted to deal with emergency situations. It also sought to ensure the sustainability of the services provided by KAHRAMAA while protecting the health and safety of employees and others working there.

During the exercise, a scenario was simulated whereby the control room of both centers got infected with COVID-19 and eventually demonstrated the measures dealing with the situation in a manner to reduce its effects and to ensure that the center's operations are not affected and employees are not exposed to the involved risk of infection. Based on previous trainings, the exercises were successfully completed.

With the spread of the coronavirus and declaring it a pandemic, KAHRAMAA has formed a crisis management team being headed by H.E. Eng. Issa bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, President of KAHRAMAA including officials and senior functionaries of the concerned departments. Teams are also formed to have follow-up on the developments of the virus, tackling its consequences, taking preventive measures and to coordinate and implement the precautionary measures issued by the competent authorities, ensuring the sustainability of services and protecting the safety of KAHRAMAA’s employees, customers and stakeholders.

The risk assessment team, a part of the main crisis management team, worked on identifying and analyzing all COVID-19 operation- related risks at the level of all KAHRAMAA departments to ensure the readiness and effectiveness of all plans throughout several phases. 

The assessment phase identified all internal and external risks based on several scenarios and determined the main elements to maintain work progress. The readiness phase included preparing plans and measures to mitigate the repercussions of these risks and training employees pertaining to the scenario. The response phase aims at ensuring the effectiveness of the previous phases, this includes conducting mock exercise to determine the departments' response to these risks through a simulation model.

It is worth noting that KAHRAMAA has a proven record in the field of occupational health and safety. It strives to follow and apply the highest levels of health, safety, quality and security at all its locations, activities and operations, in order to provide a healthy and safe working environment for its employees and customers. It also works on ensuring conformity and compliance with national and international occupational health and safety standards. KAHRAMAA has further taken all preventive and precautionary measures to prevent and reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus.

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