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KAHRAMAA Releases New Awareness Episodes On The best Ways to Handle Electrical and Water Equipment and Wiring


As Part of Its Social Responsibility Initiatives​

In a new community-oriented initiative, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation "KAHRAMAA" produced a series of awareness episodes to shed light on the best ways to handle electrical and water equipment and wiring. This falls within the corporation’s social responsibility endeavors and its eagerness to increase awareness of the correct way to handle these devices.

The episodes that are broadcasted on Monday of each week on KAHRAMAA’s social media platforms demonstrate the common mistakes that may affect equipment efficiency and the safety of customers. They also show the best ways to deal with electrical and water equipment and wiring and provide important tips to customers promoting optimal use of such devices. This falls under the corporation’s social responsibility and its efforts to provide useful services and advice to all members of society.

The awareness episodes, presented by a specialist from KAHRAMAA, focus on a number of topics of interest to all households, including air conditioners and how to achieve optimal use, especially with the beginning of summer, as well as the proper and safe way to wire and install them to avoid electrical fires. Episodes also shed light on electric wiring and external lighting, and the importance of a transformer and timer, in addition to electricity boxes, their proper installation and handling, so as to ensure the safety of all members of the household.

The episodes also feature explanations on water connections and their specifications, water tanks and how to install them in an accessible location, water pumps and their specifications and proper installation, in addition to main tips for installing and connecting electrical and water equipment in bathrooms and kitchens, the correct places to install devices and common mistakes and how to avoid them to maintain safety and achieve optimal use of the equipment.

KAHRAMAA invites its customers to watch the weekly episodes on its social media platforms. These episodes are produced to educate and raise awareness among all members of the community on the uses and specifications of electrical and water equipment and wiring, and the proper ways to handle them. ​​

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