The role holder is responsible for effectively conducting short term and long term electricity and water demand and supply forecast that will assist senior management to plan and take timely decisions pertaining to Power and Water Purchase agreements (PWPAs) in order to achieve the defined organization goals in line with organization strategy.

 Assesses customers' electricity and water consumption patterns and prepares end-use or econometric forecasts of short and long-term electricity and water consumption
 Conducts necessary studies to understand the electricity and water supply required to meet the forecast demand
  Assists Head of Section in development of business strategy based on inputs received from demand and supply forecasts
  Performs necessary analyses to evaluate forecasts to ensure the data reflects the incorporation of changing socioeconomic factors
  Compiles and analyses data to identify trends and establishes forecast base as and when required for generation of demand and supply forecasts for electricity and water networks
  Conducts research to develop forecasting models that can help in more precise forecasting of electricity and water demand and supply
   Conducts research to develop methods to forecast data in cases where there is lack of historical data in order to have maximum possible data points in conducting analysis
   Provides necessary assistance in rate and cost of service studies as required and formulates recommendations for utilities rates
   Liaises with Finance to enhance the existing financial models within Kahramaa to provide more accurate financial forecasts
Participates in the analysis of optimum tariff policy for each type of consumer, provides economic advice on the costs and benefits of tariff reforms
Assesses the implications of tariff reform on macroeconomic parameters (employment, inflation, savings, investments, etc.) and on the sector levels (banks, hotels etc.)
Provides recommendations on counteractive measures in case implications of tariff reforms result in negative outcomes
Performs analyses to provide inputs during negotiation of contracts for the purchase of electricity or water with suppliers
Provides necessary assistance to Senior Strategist to facilitate the management of Power and Water Purchase agreements (PWPAs) and perform the necessary activities to establish financial models for PWPAs
Conducts necessary research to develop periodic reports/ studies/ briefing papers pertaining to demand, supply and tariff based on benchmarks from other utility organizations and trends in utility industry
Develops the relevant reports (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual etc.) as required for analysis by Senior Strategist
Works in cooperation with Quality Assurance and Continual Improvement department on securing and maintaining the ISO 9002 certification
Carries out and ensures compliance of all activities within the Strategic Planning and Risk Management Section are in line with Kahramaa health and safety regulations


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Economics/Statistics

More than 8 years of experience in a similar role of which minimum 6 years of supervisor experience in the area of demand and supply forecasting


Technical Jobs


Senior level


Planning & Quality Dept. - PQ

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23 . February . 2015