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Corporate Statement

Corporate Statement:

KAHRAMAA has the privilege of being the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator (TDSOO) for the electricity and water sector in Qatar. Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation “KAHRAMAA" was established in July 2000 in terms of Law # 10 to regulate and maintain the supply of electricity and water to customers.

Core areas of Business:

Kahramaa acquire, construct, and operate electricity & water transmission and distribution networks in the state of Qatar as follows:

  • Formulate Power & Water Purchase Agreements (PWPA) and provide necessary technical and corporate support for establishment of generation & desalination ventures.
  • Own, construct and operate electricity & water transmission and distribution networks in the State of Qatar.
  • Set-up plans and programs for development of electricity & water transmission and distribution networks.
  • Lay out regulations, standards, and codes of practices for electricity & water supplies to buildings and facilities.
  • Provide consultancy services related to its activities and operations.

Providing high-quality and sustainable electricity and water for better living in Qatar

By 2030 KAHRAMAA will be a global leader in customer centricity, performance, innovation, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility


  • Customer Centricity: Placing the customer at the heart of decision making to ensure a relentless focus on the customer's needs;
  • Performance and Responsiveness High standards of efficiency and effectiveness to meet the needs of KAHRAMAA and its stakeholders;
  • Teamwork: Working with colleagues in an open, collaborative, and trusting way to deliver Corporate Objectives;
  • Transparency: Undertaking business activities in an open and transparent manner that fosters trust;
  • Loyalty: Remaining faithful to KAHRAMAA, supporting its objectives, and being proud of its achievements.

Excellence Dimensions:

We have identified our ambitions to 2030 across six key dimensions of business excellence on which to center its capability build.

  • Asset Excellence.
  • Operational Excellence.
  • People Excellence.
  • Invirmental & Socail Excellence.
  • Customer Excellence.
  • Comercial Excellence.​

Long Term Roadmap:

Since 2014, KAHRAMAA has adopted a strategy planning and implementation approach to execute its long-term strategy driven by innovative approaches aiming to increase the organization's performance. Our ambition is becoming a globally leading utility company adopting best-in class transmission and distribution practices.

The strategy planning and implementation approach allows for a cohesive and integrated set of objectives and initiatives across the organization in alignment with national strategies. It has developed a set of Corporate, Directorate, and Departmental level business plans derived from the corporate vision, mission, and objectives.

Kahramaa has formulated its strategic direction, considering six excellence areas, acting as the levers to reach the vision and mission. The milestones have set the desired development for each excellence area. Corporate Objectives were identified to highlight what KAHRAMAA should focus on in the different stages of the strategy, whereas Corporate Initiatives were defined for each objective to achieve the desired goals.

Corporate Objectives:

  • Build on becoming a customer centric organization
  • Excel in providing reliable, available, and high-quality supply of electricity and water in a cost-effective manner
  • Excel at financial sustainability through optimizing cost and maximizing revenues
  • Accelerate in community and social change
  • Build on environmental and conservation efforts mainly in water security in Qatar
  • Promote and deploy smart technologies
  • Promote innovation and R&D and exploring new commercial opportunities
  • Build on corporate governance and risk management
  • Optimize processes and systems and align target operating model to Kahramaa's mandate
  • Build on asset management capabilities to optimize asset performance
  • Excel in creating a safe and healthy working environment
  • Strengthen Qatarization and accelerate development of future leaders
  • Build on attracting, motivating, developing, and retaining talent
  • Promote and implement integration of renewable resources
  • Promote and proactively respond to regulatory and legal changes


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